OVEN Mini-springrolls

DUCA OVEN Mini-springrolls

Oven products

These mini spring rolls are especially suitable for oven preparation afther which they are crispy and full of flavor. They are hand-rolled and stuffed with various vegetables including bean sprouts, leeks and cabbage. No flavor enhancers are added . These springrolls are vegetarian.

preparation advice

Oven 225˚C 15-17 min., turn regulary. Airfryer 200˚C 12 min.


White cabbage, wheat flour, water, carrot, celery, leek, glass noodles (mungbeanstarch, potato starch, corn starch, water), vegetable oil (palm), salt, sugar , yeast extract, raising agents: E450 , E500 ; pepper, turmeric.


SKU:D 360339
Outer Box:20 x 400 g
Pieces per package:20 stuks