Inspiration for use Foodservice

Streetfood around the world

Invite your guests to taste something from every continent:

  • Roasted and Marinated Chicken Thigh Satay with fries (Europe)
  • Chicken Popcorn Nuggets (America)
  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls Vegetables (Asia)

Street food BBQ

  • Precooked Chicken Skewers 100 gr (suitable for Halal, 100% chicken breast)
  • Precooked Chicken Skewers 60 gr (suitable for Halal, 100% chicken breast)

Vegetarian Streetfood

  • Mini Spring Rolls Vegetables 20 gr
  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls Vegetables 47gr
  • Tsingtao Samosa

Asian Delight

  • Torpedo Prawns 28 gr
  • Butterfly Prawns 10 gr
  • Oriental Prawn Rolls 14 gr
  • Yakitori (adapted)

Sharing in the pub

  • Fire Bites
  • Oriental Chicken Sticks
  • Chicken Popcorn Nuggets

Sharing street food: the sports canteen

  • Cheese Sticks
  • Ham Cheese Sticks
  • Chicken Popcorn Nuggets
  • Mini Satay & Kebab Rolls