Easy to prepare

Apart from the convenience of keeping products stocked in the freezer, preparation will not take long. Duca has a Mexican assortment mix that is specifically suited for Airfryer & Ovenable products, while the taco empanadas are generally prepared in the deep fryer or oven. The oven is usually the most common preparation method for Mexican products.

Snack together!

Get inspired

Taste the Latin American cuisine

Nacho Cheese Bites

Surprisingly tasty & crispy nacho cheese bite, with less salt and sugar in comparison to other suppliers.

Mexican street food mix

This Mexican street food mix includes traditional minis, such as empanadas, tortillas and tacos in three different, but very recognizable Mexican flavors.

Your partner in Latin American snacks

A popular cuisine on the rise. We are all familiar with colorful Mexican cuisine and street food products like empanadas and Taco Triangles.

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