Easy to prepare

Apart from the convenience of keeping products stocked in the freezer, preparation will not take long. Duca has a delicious snack mix to accompany drinks, with mini satay and kebab rolls for the Airfryer and oven. The large rolls can also be prepared in this way. The (ham) cheese rolls, on the other hand, will be crispier when prepared in the deep fryer, while the satay does better in the oven or microwave.

Serving in the sports canteen

Mini snack to accompany drinks

Taste the European cuisine

Cheese sticks

Duca Cheese Sticks are a delicious cheese-filled snack with cheese, rolled up in a crispy crepe.

Mini Satay & Kebab Rolls

Crispy mini snacks with satay and kebab.

Roasted and Marinated Chicken Thighs Satay

Duca Satay is made from roasted and marinated chicken thighs, a very user-friendly product because it can be prepared straight from the freezer into the microwave or oven.

Mini Kebab Rolls 20 g

Crispy mini snacks with chicken kebab.

Oven Satay Roll

Delicious crispy snack filled with chicken satay.

Oven Kebab Roll

Delicious crispy snack filled with chicken kebab.

Oven Roti Roll

Delicious snack filled with chicken and roti.

Filo pastry

A real DIY product for the kitchen, to create street food snacks according to your own recipe.

Your partner in European snacks

If you are looking for tasty hot snacks that everyone will love, to serve on a snack board with drinks, check out our range of European street food snacks. Easy to stock in your freezer. Recognizable, yet special.

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