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Discovering Street Food

Every continent has its own street food favorites. In Asia, you will discover delicious spring rolls, samosas and dim sum bursting with colorful vegetables, as well as shrimp snacks and savory yakitori. America is the land of BBQ skewers and take-away popcorn nuggets. And from Europe, we all know the popular cheese sticks, kebab and satay. Latin American cuisine is gaining in popularity and is perfect for sharing. Mini empanadas and a Mexican snack mix.


No cuisine is as colorful as Asian cuisine. In Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and China, for example, people are used to cooking mostly with vegetables and natural herbs. In combination with stir-fried or fried dough sheets, they create the most delectable snacks.
Oriental Mix


The land of BBQ and takeaway food. In New York, high-quality products always predominate on the street. If you eat chicken in NY, it has to be 100% chicken breast, precooked and halal so that everyone can partake.
Chicken Breast Popcorn Nugget


Europe has been open to worldly flavors for many years. With our colonial history, but certainly also fueled by our wanderlust, Mediterranean snacks are integrated into our cuisine. Needless to say, we know the Cheese Sticks from the Netherlands. But grilled satay is now also experienced as almost Dutch. The kebab pita has become a mainstay and we love Italian flavors.
Cheese Sticks

Latin America

The most popular cuisine at the moment. We are all familiar with Mexican cuisine and its nachos, tacos and tortillas, spicy salsa flavors, and mini empanadas. Duca is always on the lookout for new strong authentic flavors and street food snacks.

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