Spring rolls

Spring rolls are the best-known Asian snacks. They come in all sorts and sizes. You are undoubtedly familiar with mini spring rolls, but you may also recognize the slightly larger authentic Vietnamese spring rolls, known from the street stalls. And, of course, larger meal-sized spring rolls. Bursting with vegetables or filled with an extra chunk of chicken breast. So, there’s plenty of choice.

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Finger Food Asian

Asian finger food snacks are a feast for the eyes. And they are all equally delicious. They present beautifully. You will score big time with these snacks.

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We are all familiar with these small spicy skewers from Japan: original, authentic Yakitori. At Duca, we make them from white chicken thigh meat.

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Chicken snacks often vary hugely in quality. At Duca, only the white thigh meat is good enough. Preferably pre-cooked, and always incredibly tender. You will taste the difference in quality.

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Ovenable & Airfryer

Many people cook snacks in an oven or Airfryer. Duca develops special products to this end that come out of the oven/Airfryer nice and crisp. You will use less fat, which feels so good.

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Rolls & Sticks

We roll well-known European flavors such as kebab, satay and roti into a crispy layer. They are delicious! They come in large formats, but also as a mini appetizer.

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Inspiration ingredients

Presenting your fantastic signature burger becomes even more fun with a special garnish. Duca Onion Nest, a nest made of thinly sliced onions with a crispy southern fried coating, is perfect for this.

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Layered cake

Authentic multicolored cake with thin layers, just like they make it in Indonesia.

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