OVEN Springrolls

DUCA OVEN Springrolls

Oven products

These spring rolls are due to their size also excellent as part of the meal. They are especially suitable for oven preparation after which they stay crispy and tasteful. The vegetable filling, without flavor enhancers, is also suitable for vegetarians

preparation advice

Oven 225˚C 15-17 min., turn regulary. Airfryer 200˚C 12 min.


White cabbage, carrot, water, wheat flour, bean sprouts, leeks, onion, herbs and spices (mustard,celery) red pepper, vegetable oil (palm), black mushrooms, sugar, cornstarch, salt, yeast extract, raising agents: E450, E500; coloring: paprika extract, turmeric.


SKU:D 360340
Outer Box:12 x 320 g
Pieces per package:4 stuks