Vietnamese springrolls

DUCA Vietnamese springrolls


The Vietnamese spring rolls are hand rolled and full of flavor. They are richly filled with cabbage, glass noodle, bean sprouts, carrot and leek . After preparing these vegetables are still crisp and delicious as the spring rolls are rolled tightly compact and bake them nicely smooth and golden. The Vietnamese spring rolls are suitable for vegetarians

preparation advice

Deep fry in cooking oil at 180°C (350°F) 6 min. In an oven, preheated at 225°C. 17 min. Turn halfway.


Cabbage, wheat flour, water, noodles, bean sprouts, carrots, palm oil, leeks, salt, sugar, flavor (contains soy), pepper, flavor enhancer: E635. Sauce: water, sugar, chilli, vinegar, garlic, salt, thickener: E466, xanthan gum; preservative potassium sorbate.


SKU:D 360309
Outer Box:10 x 940 g
Pieces per package:20 x 47 g